Overhead Conveyor Systems

We supply three main types of Overhead Conveying Systems:

  • Closed-track type
  • I-Beam type
  • Power & Free type

All the conveyors, I-Beam as well as Closed-track are designed as per US and European standards. The conveyors are available in continuous, stop-&-go as well as power & free solutions.


Multi-Wagon Transporter Systems

The multi-wagon transporter system is typically used for material handling automation of a multi-tank process. The system is programmed to pick and place the components and assemblies after the specified time. This time depends on the process and the transporter system allows matching the process and cycle time without any manual intervention.


Pick & Place Systems

Pick & Place Systems are required for various applications such as machine loading/unloading, part transfer, change in component orientation, etc. We help customer is identifying the best pick & place concept and build suitable equipment for the requirement. Based on the component and application (primarily the accuracy and available time), we have designed different types of pick & place systems.


Assembly & Testing Lines

Assembly and Testing Lines are an important part of production process in most companies. Where the volume and quality requirement are high, automated assembly and testing lines are a must. We supply such automated lines, which guarantee not only the productivity, but also the quality of the product.


Welding Automation

We specialize in welding automation systems where the material handling automation is critical. The welding robot, welding equipment and material handling systems are integrated to provide seamless high throughput welding lines. The entire system to designed to meet the welding quality and cycle time requirements.


Auxiliary Handling Equipment

An integrated material handling system requires a lot of auxiliary handling equipment. Depending on the plant/line layout a number of such systems might be required. They play an important role in the integration of the handling system ensuring maximum automation and minimal manual intervention.


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