Automated Pick & Place Systems


Pick & Place Systms are required for various applications such as machine loading/unloading, part transfer, change in component orientation, etc. We help customer is identifying the best pick & place concept and build suitable equipment for the requirement. Based on the component and application (primarily the accuracy and available time), we have designed different types of pick & place systems:

  • High-Accuracy Servo Based Systems – Use Servo Control for accurate position of the components
  • Overhead Gantry Based Systems – Overhead system ideally suited for long travel and serving multipl machine laid along a line
  • Electrified Monorail Systems –Consist of smart trolley with hoist running on bus bars in a loop and working in a coordiated manner
  • Vaccuum Based Systems – Used for sheet metal, wooden board, plywood and other components with flat surface
  • Transporter Type Systems – Used for long and wide components which require multiple point lifting
  • Multi-axis Robotic Systems – Used for applications require high speed, accuracy and flexibility

High-Accuracy Servo Based Systems

Overhead Gantry Based Systems


Electrified Monorail Systems

Vaccuum Based Systems

t v

Transporter Type Systems

Multi-axis Robotic Systems

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