Automated Pick & Place Systems


Pick & Place Systms are required for various applications such as machine loading/unloading, part transfer, change in component orientation, etc. We help customer is identifying the best pick & place concept and build suitable equipment for the requirement. Based on the component and application (primarily the accuracy and available time), we have designed different types of pick & place systems:

  • High-Accuracy Servo Based Systems – Use Servo Control for accurate position of the components
  • Overhead Gantry Based Systems – Overhead system ideally suited for long travel and serving multipl machine laid along a line
  • Electrified Monorail Systems –Consist of smart trolley with hoist running on bus bars in a loop and working in a coordiated manner
  • Vaccuum Based Systems – Used for sheet metal, wooden board, plywood and other components with flat surface
  • Transporter Type Systems – Used for long and wide components which require multiple point lifting
  • Multi-axis Robotic Systems – Used for applications require high speed, accuracy and flexibility

High-Accuracy Servo Based Systems

Overhead Gantry Based Systems

automated pick and place system pick and place system

Electrified Monorail Systems

Vaccuum Based Systems

pick and place automation automated pick and place systems

Transporter Type Systems

Multi-axis Robotic Systems

pick & place system pick & place automation system
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