Automated Assembly System


Assembly and Testing Lines are an important part of production process in most companies. Where the volume and quality requirement are high, automated assembly and testing lines are a must. We supply such automated lines, which guarantee not only the productivity, but also the quality of the product. Our lines are integrated with specialize equipment required for he assembly and testing process such as nut runners, leak testing, oil filling, component selection, glue/sealant dispensing, sub assembly stations, component selection, vision systems, special presses, etc. The systems are completed automated, integrate and provided with SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) systems. We have designed many such systems for the automotive, consumer durable good and general engineering industry. Components and assemblies handled includeSteel Plates, Engines, Transmissions, Seats, Chassis, Tubes, Electrodes, Cylinders, Boards, Laminates, Refrigerators, ACs, Safes, Panels, PCBs, and Safes.

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assembly line assembly line manufacturers
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